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‘Hand in Hand’ is a dream project initiated by Andreas, when he was 6-year-old, who was born with a congenital limb difference (commonly recognised in Hong Kong as ‘先天手’ (sin1 tin1 sau2), directly translated as ‘natural/inborn hand’).  He has a normal-sized right hand and a small palm with ‘little nibbles’ as a left hand. Since birth, he has been blessed by a number of loving professionals, who have helped him develop to be a cheerful and confident boy. In return, he wishes to share his personal experience with others and care for children in a similar situation - “I want to link all of us together by our hands, and help us make friends with each other.” 

So here at Hand in Hand, we want to provide a platform for children with congenital upper limb differences, together with their parents in Hong Kong, to grow together and support each other. We strive to build productive relationships and make a positive impact with all of our pursuits. At the same time, we wish to share useful resources from professionals in Hong Kong and similar support groups around the world.

we are



In Hand in Hand, we strive

  • To GATHER - we welcome all special-hand friends and their families to join this platform. Even babies still in the tummy! 

  • To SUPPORT - we support our special-hand friends and their families by experience-sharing, building productive relationships, and making a positive impact. We organize various types of activities for our special-hand friends and families throughout the year! 

  • To PROMOTE - we target - the general public in Hong Kong to raise awareness and lessen the stigma around these congenital symptoms via social media such as Facebook and Instagram, at the same time building the confidence of our special-hand friends when interacting with the public. 

  • To EXCEL - we want to share all the exciting and amazing moments of our special-hand friends! We truly believe that nothing can stop them from achieving, especially if they have the right support, environment, tools and resources!


We commit to 

"Let our special hands shine!"

We care
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